About Apollo Partners

From its creation, Apollo Partners has dedicated itself to serving the small business groups and individuals of New York. For the last fourteen years we have experienced tremendous growth due to our ability to educate our customers, place them with a product that fits their needs, and continue to adapt with a changing environment with employee and individual health benefits. Wherever the need, whatever the question, reach out to us today and see what Apollo can do for you.

At Apollo Partners, we focus on each separate application on a per individual basis in order to insure we are providing you with the best plan for you company and family. In order to know you are finding the best plan for your needs please let one of our team members reach out to you for a custom quote package today!

Our Products


We offer a wide variety of products and services to individuals to better fulfill their insurance needs. Through our current health providers MVP and Health Republic we can offer individuals a large range of qualified health plans. For dental and vision insurance we can offer you a strong New York network, follow the link provided below to find rates in your area. Please feel free to contact us today in order to get a personalized health benefits package!


Working in conjunction with the North Eastern Small Business Group association small groups is our wield house. Each individual business is unique, that is why when you come to Apollo we treat them each individually. We work one on one with the business in order to get you a package their either you, you and your employees, or just your employees will be able to believe in. Contact us today in order to get a personalized health benefits package!